Why Volunteers can help transform your golf club

For the average member run golf club, balancing the books at the end of the year can be a tricky task.

With rising costs and a competitive market making it difficult to raise prices to offset, there often has to be a saving made some where.

This saving often comes by the way of a reduction to the green keeping staff or a change to the course specification and as a result many of the smaller ‘nice to do’ things don’t get done any more.  These are generally things that don’t require a qualified green keeper to perform and are more labour intensive than skill based.  The other common area of cost savings is in clubhouse surrounds and decoration.

Although producing a cost saving, cutting out certain non essential works can be the start of a downward spiral, one which can cause the appearance of a facility to deteriorate and the users value perception to drop.  This is a dangerous situation to put yourself in, but one that can be avoided.

Start a Volunteer Group

Most golf club members feel a form of belonging to their club, they don’t just see it as a business to whom they pay a monthly or annual fee.  It is their golf club and they want it to succeed and do well. Many have been members for decades or at least their family line has been, through parents and grand parents.

Traditionally in a golf club, to be a volunteer meant that you wanted to stand on committee.  This is still an extremely important volunteer role, but not everyone wants to go on committee and many will be keen to help the club in other ways… this is where your volunteer group comes in.

This belonging is the basis for your Volunteer Group, your ‘tribe’ of like minded members who all have a common goal of helping ‘their’ golf club succeed.

Volunteer groups can take on a multitude of tasks which will help keep the presentation and standards of the golf club up to scratch.  Below are just a a few ideas of where volunteers can make a difference at your golf club.

  • Small tree maintenance works (Lopping and pruning)
  • Raking leaves
  • Clearing tree fall debris
  • Painting golf course furniture
  • Decorating clubhouse
  • Clubhouse surrounds
  • Bunker raking
  • Bunker edging
  • Cleaning tee signs
  • Sweeping car park

I could go on and on, but I think you get the gist, that there are almost limitless jobs that can be taken on by volunteers, all of which will save the golf club money and improve its presentation.

If you can attract some volunteer tradesmen, then the financial value to the golf club can dramatically increase.

Just as important as the financial benefit however, that a volunteer group can bring to a club, is the good will and sense of ownership and achievement felt by the members.

Golf club membership tends to be made up of many smaller groups.  You know them, you’ve got the dawn patrol guys, the lunchtime crew etc.  If you can get people involved from as many of your groups as possible, then you are well on the road to making  a really successful and club.

These volunteers will go back to their respective groups and talk about all the great work that has been getting done.  With a bit of hope, they will also get some more of their friends involved, growing the volunteer group and the positive momentum of the club.

Get ahead of the game and go set your volunteer group up today.







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