10 Reasons why you should take up golf

If you have not previously tried golf or have only whacked a few balls on the range, then here’s 10 reasons why you really should take up the sport.

  1. Golf can help lead to a healthy lifestyle.  Walking 18 holes carrying your clubs can burn up to 1442 calories for the average male.North Inch Golf Course. Perthshire. 2015  - 14
  2. You will make some life long friends on the golf course.  Golfers are very social and you’ll make some true friends.
  3. A game of golf followed by a few beers with friends is one of life’s great things.  The beers will likely negate the calories burned out on the course, but they’re worth it!bar-golf
  4. Golf is a great sport to help improve your hand/eye co-ordination.
  5. Golf is a sport for life, you are never too old to golf!old golfer
  6. It’s a great family sport, where everyone can take part and play together.Family-Golf-640_0
  7. It’s a great sport if you like to wind up your friends.  The banter between golfing buddies can be fierce!
  8. You get to enjoy the great outdoors and all that it brings (mainly rain here in Scotland!)
  9. The Golf Course can become your ‘Third Place’.  We all need somewhere that we can relax and spend time away from the stresses of life.
  10. Contrary to popular belief, golfers can be cool!samuel l


Taking up golf could be the best thing you ever do…

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