Why ‘Mums the word’ to growing the game    

Golf is one of very few sports that can be enjoyed by all the family.  It’s a healthy, low impact sport that has no age barriers and can be played by everyone.  Golf is the perfect family sport.

If we are looking to attract more families to play the game, then getting mum interested in playing is absolutely key.  I strongly believe that if we can get mum playing golf then she will bring the rest of the family.

Ladies ‘Get into Golf’ sessions are becoming popular and this is something that every single golf club should be offering.  These can be simple taster sessions, where ladies can come and give golf a try under the supervision of a PGA pro or willing volunteers if a pro is not available. 

Ladies tend to learn and enjoy golf best when doing it along with other ladies and with only 14% of uk golf club members being female, there is a massive potential for growth.

Golf clubs need to offer family/beginner tee times, where new golfers can get out and play on the course without the pressure of established golfers racing up behind them.  Most courses have plenty of spare tee times, so offering times for families to give the game a try should not be a problem. If there aren’t any spare tee times, the the course obviously doesn’t need any new members!

There should also be a supply of golf clubs that can be used for free. If I am new to golf, I’m not going to be going out and spending a fortune buying equipment before I know if I’m even going to like it.  Try asking your current members to donate any unused clubs that they have, you will be surprised at how many get donated.  I ran this recently at one club and we got over 40 sets donated!

The family hub

When I was young, we used to pretty much live at the golf course.  My mum, dad and older brother all played and the golf club was the hub of our family time together and I loved it!  

We need to get back to the days of the golf club being the place where families want to spend their free time. I used to love a Sunday afternoon ‘High Tea’ in the clubhouse, getting stuck into a steak pie or gammon steak followed by something tasty from the cake stand.

Mum is key to this success, let’s get her playing.